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Enter search information for the ticket number or your vehicle plate information and select 'Search'.
(NOTE: If you would like to pay a false alarm citation online, you must delete “20” from the year in
the citation number. Ex: FA200712345 must be entered as FA0712345. If you would like to pay a
zoning violation online, you need to enter Z070 for 2007 citations and Z080 for 2008 citations along
with the citation number. Ex: Z12345 issued in 2007 must be entered as Z07012345).

STOP: If you are attempting to pay a parking meter citation, all meter citations are now issued
and paid through ParkIndy at www.parkindy.net/payments. Even if a citation shows as paid
below, it may still have a balance in the ParkIndy system. For any meter citations, please
proceed to the ParkIndy link above to verify the status.